Colshaw Farm, Wilmslow



                    Colshaw Farm, Wilmslow


                         This  8m  project  was  the  urban  regeneration  of  600

                         houses  owned  by  Riverside HA over a  5-year period. It

                         included   the   renewal   of   kitchens   and   bathrooms,

                         windows, doors, electrics, boilers, asbestos removal and

                         the upgrading of insulation within roofs.
Tenants were closely consulted and actively involved in the selection of finishes and materials.


Further work was done to improve security and the external appearance of the estate, including the refurbishment of car parks, new fencing, gates, and soft landscaping.
The final year of the project saw the re-roofing of tenanted properties and the construction of new shared ownership houses on small infill sites.







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