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Projects - Regeneration

Storrington Heys, Redevelopment, Croxteth, Liverpool




Following extensive consultation using the various methods developed by the practice a new elderly persons village was designed and built. 5 tower blocks were demolished. The new village was the result of detailed analysis of demographic trends. It had to achieve Lifetime Homes and ECO Homes Standards . Contract value 15.5m.

From the  outset it  was clear that the  tenant  group consisted of a stable population. One of their strengths was that neighbour relationships were well established and many people had been in occupation of the tower blocks for 20-30 years. The majority of the tenants were elderly. Many required special adaptations to meet the needs of age related ailments and frailties. The financial options clearly indicated that redevelopment was preferable to refurbishment in this case. To many tenants this was an anathema.


Following a process of Planning for Real, Design Games,  site  visits,  topic forums and home visits a majority of the tenants attended a Final Exhibition on the options. The overwhelming response was in favour of redevelopment. Home visits followed to those who had been too frail to attend the exhibitions.


The community consultation reports together with demographic projections for Liverpool were incorporated with the financial option appraisal and submitted to the Department of Environment. This was successful and the project was completed in 2003.



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