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Peak Park Visitor Centre, Edale



Selected for 'Architecture Week' 2007 by RIBA, and awarded a special commendation by the Countryside Commission 2007. This building communicates at different levels. For the child, the building is a miniature of the Peak Park. Walking past a cwm and underneath a waterfall, the child experiences a literal cut-through of the Peak Park geology when faced with a trombe wall. For the adult this is an example of passive solar gain being harnessed using thermal mass. Outside, under the ground, coils absorb latent heat as part of a ground source heat pump system which will maintain the building at 16C.


Externally, the hill  -  like building is covered in flora starting   with   the lichen  on  the High  Peak  and illustrating sedum and bogland plants in succession down to the valley bottom. 





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Renewable Energy